Application for new members

Apply now to become a member of IWCP. Membership is open to all women residing in the Philadelphia area who are either foreign-born, American-born but who have lived abroad for at least one year, or American-born with a demonstrated interest in fostering international cultural exchange. Before applying, all new applicants must attend at least one event to meet our members. Then they will need a minimum of one member who is in good standing to sponsor them.

Members of the Women’s Clubs International affiliated clubs automatically are eligible for membership in IWCP with no support vote necessary.

Please fill out the application form and send to our Membership Director. Please allow at least 1 week to process your application.

The form is in a PDF format. Please contact the Membership Director for a Paper Form or for other formats.

Alternatively, new members can fill out an application online

Please note: this form is still under development, please use the PDF form above:  

IWCP Application / Renewal

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