Christmas 2017 Message from our Director

Dear Members,
We started the new club year with a wonderful Welcome Back Luncheon at the lovely Merion Cricket Club together with a visiting group of our WCI Executive Board Members, staying Philadelphia for an executive meeting. Writing these lines for the newsletter, I am realizing how few weeks are still left fort his year. By now, you all should have received an invitation for our Holiday Party, this year once more at the lovely St. Davids Golf Club in Wayne. I hope many of you will sign up to make sure you are celebrating this very nice, festive event with your fellow club members and their partners.
We all know, this time of year is filled with a lot of celebrations, festivities, and family time, no matter which holiday you celebrate. This is a time of sharing, of reaching across the artificial divides in our society of race, religion, political beliefs, and social status. It is a fact that most people see this time of year as one of the more joyous holidays, where they have fun days, filled with love, gift sharing, eating, fun-times and laughs.                                     
But it also represents good will towards others, caring, kindness and helping others less fortune. That is why we will once more have a raffle organized for this event, with beautiful prizes you can win. It will make you and others happy and creates joy, maybe all over the world. Please also make it a priority this holiday season to find some downtime, which
allows time for reflection and gives new ideas which might lead to new chances.

I want to wish all of you Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year filled with Peace and Happiness.
Helga Ruus-Neubert

A message from the Director of Charity

A Message from our Directors of Charity, Luciana Aspesi and Laura Paine:


We are happy to let you know that we will be able to distribute $2.600 to the following organizations:

The Home of the Sparrow ( whose mission is to help women to start a new life with a job and a safe place to stay for them and their children. This organization has been the charity of choice for many years.

Musicopia ( is a Philadelphia based organization whose “mission is to provide opportunities for children to experience, learn, perform and appreciate music. Musicopia’s programs focus on reaching students who are underserved and cut off from the region’s rich cultural life”. Continue reading

Happy Holidays

Dear Fellow Members,

We just had our Annual Welcome Back Luncheon at Amada and all of a sudden the Holidays are right in front of us! I almost can’t believe it. It seems the months are flying faster and faster.

As you already know, we will start the Holiday Season with a party at the St. Davids Golf Club and I hope many of you signed up and made sure you are celebrating this very nice, festive event with your fellow club members and their partners.

We all know, this time of year is filled with numerous celebrations, festivities, and family time, no matter which holiday you celebrate. For most people this time of year is the most joyous season. They have wonderful days, filled with love, gift giving, eating, fun-times and laughs. But it also represents good will towards others, caring, kindness and helping others who are less fortunate. It makes you and others happy and creates joy all over the world. Make it a priority this holiday season to find some downtime to allow for reflection, give thought to new ideas that lead to new chances.

I want to wish all of you Happy Holidays, the very best for the new year and I hope to see you all back refreshed next year.

Helga Ruus-Neubert


A Few Words From the Director of Charity

Dear Fellow Members,

Based on the club’s mission, part of the money raised through the annual fees, combined with what the additional donations provided by members at the time of their renewal and through the raffle at the Annual Christmas Party, has been used to help a Charity Organization.  As you might already know, in past years, we bought needed items and helped the ”Back to School” and “Christmas” projects of The Home of the Sparrow.

Thanks to the generosity of the amazing group of women that you are, this year an amount of money never reached before was raised – over $2700!

At the last meeting, I asked the Board to consider the possibility that, along with the Home of the Sparrow, other charities could profit from our donations. The Board has agreed to explore this opportunity. So, starting with the 2016/2017 membership year I’m happy to say that one or more other charitable organizations will be considered.

With great appreciation for your kind heart and confident in your continuous support, on behalf of all the members of the Board I’d like to thank you again and wish you a wonderful summertime.

Luciana Aspesi



Conference 2016, WCI in Prague

WCI Conference in Prague Edit

May 15 @ 9:01 pm – May 21 @ 10:01 pm

Upcoming Biennial Conference May 15-21,
May 21-26, 2016, Post Trip

In May 2016  the International Women’s Association of Prague (IWAP) will be hosting the 14th biannual Welcome Clubs International Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

There also will be a post-conference trip to Moravia, Bratislava, and Budapest, with interesting sightseeing on the way

Maybe some of you would like to go on behave of IWCP,  to share in this unique opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

If you would be interested in this event, please contact Jacqueline Yates ( for more information.

Summer Fun with the Club

Summer is the time for outdoor events and get-togethers.

If you have ideas for spontaneous activities, indoor or outdoor, let us know by sending an email to Cindy Spurdle. She will forward an email to all the club members.
And always keep an eye out for her messages—
so you don’t miss out on summer fun with the IWCP, friends and family!

Bus Trip to the Botanical Garden in Brooklyn

IWCP cordially invites you to “Frida Kahlo’s Garden”
At the New York Botanical Garden

A guided tour celebrating Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life at the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory
Organized by Esther Gerhard

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 (Rain or Shine)

Deadline: May 6th, 2015

Price $115 per person, includes transportation, admission, guided tour, Buffet Lunch, taxes and tips plus cheese and wine served on the bus.

Checks should be made payable to IWCP and send to Esther Gerhard.


8:00 a.m. Tour Bus ready for boarding at Plymouth Meeting Mall, from West 476 (blue Route): Exit #20 Plymouth Road, at light turn left, at next light turn right onto Germantown Pike, take first right into Mall Road, just next to Lukoil Gas Station on your right
Parking lot is on your right. Carpooling essential as the number of spaces are limited.

8:15 a.m. Bus departs promptly for NYC, no exceptions

10:45 a.m. arrival at the museum for guided tour

12:30 p.m Mexican buffet lunch in the public space

Free time until boarding for the return trip

3:30 p.m. Departure

6:00 p.m approximate arrival in Plymouth Meeting Mall

Please invite Spouses and Friends as we need a minimum of 35 participants to make the excursion possible.

A few Words from the Director of Charity

Dear IWCP Ladies,
I confess that one of the highlights of my Christmas mornings is when as a family we open our presents. I am sure you have the same joyful experience. So imagine if you should be in a situation such as that you could not give even a small present to your children. Well, this is what might happen to quite a few of the ladies the Home of the Sparrow cares for, above all the ones who after graduating from their program, try to make a living for themselves and for their
children. Thanks to the donations the members have made during the 2014 enrollment, once more IWCP is able to sponsor two families so that their Christmas will be a brighter one. This year we have the wish lists of two young families, a mother with two daughters and one with a daughter and a small boy. They have prepared a list of three things that they would love to have and we have committed to fulfill at least two of their wishes. I can imagine their joy when they will receive the packages.
But as you know, for every two families where we can help, many others remain in need of our attention. IWCP has chosen the Home of the Sparrow as a charity project for many years, and I am thankful for all the support that you as Members have given to this project. At our annual Holiday Party on December 6th, we’ll have a lottery again with great prizes, and all the money we collect will increase the amount that we can use toward this deserving cause.
In thanking you once more for your amazing good heart , I wish to you and your families peace, joy and good health during the coming holiday season and in the new year.
Kind Regards,
Luciana Aspesi


Summer News

I would like to thank every member for a great membership year.

I hope that this last year provided you with many wonderful experiences and memories.  Along with potluck lunches, coffees, special events and trips throughout the year, we celebrated the clubs 25th anniversary with a very special luncheon at the Le Meridian in March which was well attended and loved by many members.

The upcoming year looks to be just as eventful as last year. Even now, we have planned for the summer a picnic at Chanticleer and an Art Museum Visit. We hope to see some of you there as we take advantage of the warm summer days.

Thanks to feedback from our members, the Board decided not to have another Afternoon Tea to start the new Membership Year. The Board is already busy planning a Welcome-Back-Lunch for September. Please watch out for more information coming soon your way.

Last, but not least, I also would like to thank all of our hosts, organizers, speakers who volunteered and all the members who participated. A special thanks and welcome goes to all of our new members who I hope enjoyed the Club and will renew for the upcoming year.

Enjoy the rest of your summer wherever that might be and I look forward to see many of you at the lunch in September.

-Helga Ruus-Neubert, President

Why we chose March 8th

March 8th is celebrated around the world as International Women’s Day. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political divisions.

International Women’s Day first emerged from the activities of labor movements at the turn of the 20th century in America and  Europe. It was first observed as a popular event after 1977, when the UN declared March 8th as International Women’s Day. The goal was to achieve the legal, political and social equality for women.  This day is also a chance to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of women’s rights.  Much progress has been made to protect and promote women’s rights in recent times. However, according to the UN, still nowhere in the world can women claim to have all the same rights and opportunities as men.

So, what better day is there to celebrate our Anniversary, then on this very same day? 

Currently, our Club consists of women from 27 countries.  We welcome women from all countries and all cultures to the Philadelphia area and encourage friendship, cooperation and understanding and to build new friendships. We foster cultural diversity and harmony; we are here to help newcomers adjust to a new culture, benefiting from our knowledge and to meet other women of similar backgrounds and interests.  We find many new friends, encompassing the immense variety of cultural and social differences that in the end enriched all of our lives.
Helga Ruus-Neubert